DropKit Access
Gain access to the NiftyKit flagship - DropKit
As of August 1, 2022, DropKit is shifting to a standalone powerhouse feature on NiftyKit. As a product that has helped thousands of creators to expand their economic horizons worldwide, we are now entering the expansion phase of the DropKit tool.
Introducing DropKit Pass - our special utility NFT that allows holders to gain access to all of NiftyKit. Click here to learn more.
Note: Creators who previously had access to DropKit can continue to use DropKit without interruptions until September 1st; after that, they will need a DropKit Pass to continue using it. Click here to mint.

DropKit Creator Authentication

Creators who have minted the DropKit Pass will be authenticated via Chainalysis. When you connect your wallet to create DropKit smart contracts, your wallet address will automatically be screened for security by Chainalysis.
On our mission to promote the adoption of NFTs & Crypto worldwide, we take strict actions to amplify our security and fraud prevention policies & practices. In light of all the scams and malpractices that happen in the market, we take verification/authentication to be a prerequisite to accessing our tools.

Safety & Security

The DropKit Pass is only available to mint via https://app.niftykit.com/buy/passes. If you receive a DM from what looks like the 'NiftyKit Team' asking to click a link, scan a QR code, or something similar, please report it. The NiftyKit team will never ask for direct access to your MetaMask, wallet, or seed phrase.
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DropKit Creator Authentication
Safety & Security