Minting Your DropKit Pass
Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can mint your DropKit Pass.
Follow the steps below to mint your DropKit pass.

1) Go to

On our platform, select your pass and click on "mint" or "mint with card"

2) Mint Via Crypto Or Fiat

There are two ways you can purchase your DropKit Passas follows:
For Crypto:
  • Connect your wallet
  • Click the Mint button on the pass you would like to collect.
  • Once selected, your wallet will request you to confirm the transaction.
  • Congratulations, you have minted the DropKit Pass!
For Fiat:
  • In case you do not have any cryptocurrency at the time of mint, you can also pay for your DropKit Pass via fiat using a credit card. Click the "Mint With Card" button.
  • Your NFT would be hosted by Winter. You can transfer it to your wallet directly on the payment screen, or choose to keep it stored safely on a winter wallet.
For all the steps above, remember to double-check the details of your wallet, the website, and your card details for maximum security.

3) Minting Confirmation

After you mint your DropKit Pass, you will see a success screen, as shown below:
You are now free to access the complete NiftyKit experience! Gm and all the best to you!
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1) Go to
2) Mint Via Crypto Or Fiat
3) Minting Confirmation