Uploading Your Assets
Learn how you can upload your assets on NiftyKit
DropKit is BYOA (Bring Your Own Assets), meaning you should have your assets and layers generated before you begin to upload them.

Step 1: Uploading Your Assets

It only takes a few seconds to upload your assets into DropKit. Simply tap on [Upload] and select the file you'd like to use. Currently,DropKit only supports CSV and JSON.

Step 2: Export / Import CSV

Once your assets have been added to DropKit, you can seamlessly export and import any changes as a CSV file. On the secondary toolbar, tap [CSV Import/Export]
DropKit with Assets

Different Ways to Upload Assets & Metadata

  • Bulk Upload
    • Upload your assets in bulk conveniently by using this feature in CSV or JSON file format.
    • Take note that if you have existing assets uploaded, doing the Bulk Upload again will override the previously saved assets.
The CSV file format should look like this. If you prefer a JSON file, export JSON from the same file.
  • CSV Import/Export
    • This method will allow you to download your current NFT list and the attributes that you can manually edit, then re-import into your DropKit project in CSV file format.
    • Once you re-import the CSV file, the existing files will be overridden by the new ones you just uploaded.
You can download the sample CSV file if you’re unsure of the content formatting. The correct format should look like this.
  • API Access Key
    • Use the API Access Key to batch upload your metadata. There are 2 ways to use API to batch upload your assets:
      • 1) Prepare your JSON file, copy and paste the data to the API Access Key window, and hit RUN REQUEST to upload.
      • 2) POST your metadata directly using the REST API and your API key. Learn more here
    • Note that every time you use this method to upload assets, it will only add the new ones and will not override the previously uploaded assets.
  • Here is the template that you can copy to make sure you have the correct format. The file format should look like this.
  • Add Single NFT
    • Easily add a single NFT by clicking on the “ADD NFT” button.
    • You will then have the option to upload your NFT image and add your NFT Title and Description. You can even add properties by simply filling out the fields as shown below.
    • This might be a better option than the CSV file upload if you only wish to upload one or two NFTs at a time.