Membership Benefits
A host of benefits are included with your NiftyKit membership.

A NiftyKit Membership includes:

1) Unlimited NFT Minting

  • There is no limit to how many smart contracts or NFTs you can create through your NiftyKit account. Mint on either Ethereum Mainnet, Optimism, or Polygon. Gas fees may apply.
2) DropKit Benefits
  • Our flagship tool allows you to access a range of benefits:
    • Generative drop toolkit.
    • Pre-sale access list.
    • Batch airdrop.
    • Custom drop page for mints.
    • Bulk asset upload.
    • Placeholder and reveal UI.
    • Optimized smart contracts.
    • SDK & no-code widget builder.

3) A-to-Z NFT Ownership

  • You get to own all your decisions throughout your NFT creation process. You run the show and decide how you customize your smart contracts, set your royalties, split your revenues and reveal your NFTs.
  • Our products are designed for web3 keeping in mind the web3 way. Experience complete control and ownership of your NFTs.
  • With NiftyKit, you are creating your own smart contracts. These smart contracts are not shared contracts and are owned entirely by you.
    • This means that you can create your smart contracts on NiftyKit, and even if NiftyKit ceases to exist, you can still interact with these smart contracts.

4) Intuitive Self-service Tools

  • Save time and money by using our intuitive smart contract and NFT creation tools. With NiftyKit, you skip the need to hire developers. You get to be in the driver's seat of your projects, from creation to post-release execution.

5) NiftyKit API for Metadata

  • Edit your asset and metadata pre-mint and post mint. Host the placeholders and assets for your assets on our API until you are ready to finalize the metadata and push it to IPFS. This saves you a ton of gas for every time you have to update metadata since you will be using our API to host your data and update it for free!

6) NiftyKit Swift Support

  • Our team offers quick support at all stages of the NFT creation process. Hop into our Discord to learn more!

7) Sell Almost Anywhere

  • Minted NFTs will be available for you to list and sell both on your own website and third-party marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, and LooksRare.

8) Create Redeemable NFTs

  • Redeemables are powerful tools for proof-of-attendance tokens, editions, and giveaways. Collectors can now mint to redeem NFTs using their wallets. As a creator, you can now scale your events by using Redeemables/POAPs.

9) Ethereum, Polygon & Optimism

  • Mint ERC-721 & ERC-721A NFT's on the Ethereum, Polygon, or Optimism network with ease. More chains coming soon!

10) Low-cost Smart Contracts

  • Save money by deploying our optimized smart contract at a fraction of the cost of other apps and options.

11) Token Gating

  • Whether you're rolling out special sets of items to a select group of fans and supporters, or building an event for existing holders - NiftyKit Token Gating creates an exclusive, gated experience for your NFT holders with embedded content or URL redirects. This can be used for embedded content (eg. images, messages) or can be used to redirect collectors to another URL.
12) Analytics
  • NiftyKit users can gain insights into their projects via our Analytics tool. Creators gain access to a full breakdown of their smart contract and NFT stats directly on the DropKit dashboard!

13) Hassle Free Cancellation

  • End your membership with us online at any time. You will get to keep all the NFTs and Smart Contracts you have created with us. Creators are then free to use their contracts without us.
To get started with a NiftyKit membership, visit
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A NiftyKit Membership includes: