Smart Contracts
Learn about which type of smart contract would be useful for your project. Choose your preferred smart contract based on your specific project needs or goals.
An ERC stands for "Ethereum Request for Comments". Plainly speaking, an ERC is a document that provides details about the specific groups of users in the Ethereum ecosystem.
We implement two smart contracts of the ERC ecosystems as explained below:

ERC-721 vs ERC-721A


Our users can implement web3's most popular smart contract - ERC-721 for their drops at any time. The ERC-721 contract is the foundation of NFT technology and allows for flexible transfer of NFTs between accounts. The contract also allows for easy identification of the owners of digital assets as well as identifying the total supply for a specific set of NFTs on the network. See Estimated DropKit Gas Pricesfor estimated cost for ERC-721 for DropKit.


The ERC721A contract is a modification of the ERC721 contract. Created by legendary NFT team Azuki - we have the option for our users to use this gas efficient smart contract on our launchpad!
ERC721A helps your collectors save money by allowing them to mint multiple tokens for the gas price of one. Collectors usually save about 80% on their batch mints. Experience faster transaction speeds while minting on ERC721A owing to lower network congestion.
ERC-721a is applicable for new DropKit Smart Contracts only. Previous contracts minted on ERC-721 is not upgradable to ERC-721a
NiftyKit Smart Contract Types for DropKit