Creating your first redeemable and sending a link to your community.
Redeemables are similar to POAP's, and perfect for tickets, giveaways, memberships, and promotional activities. Users specify the total quantity, generate a special redeem link, then send their collectors this link so they can mint and purchase.
Once you've signed up for NiftyKit you can start creating your first redeemable.

Step 1: Create Your Redeemable

The process for creating a redeemable is very similar to Creating Your First NFT. From your NFT builder screen, simply click on [Create Redeemable] to get started.
Once your redeemable has been minted, you can generate a unique link for it and share that link with anyone. Generating a link can be done from the NFT detail page.
You may also add an access list to your redeemable, which gates access to your link via wallet addresses.
NFT Detail Page

Step 3: Public Redeem Site

Once shared, your redeemable will have a unique link and landing page for people to view and mint from.
Public Redeem Site