Collection vs. DropKit

This page will detail the key differences between Collections & DropKit on NiftyKit.
NiftyKit provides two membership options to creators who choose our platform.


A NiftyKit Collection can help you create sets of 1 of 1 NFT's, or Redeemables (i.e a set number of mintable tokens of the same digital asset).
1 of 1's
  • On NiftyKit, Collections are free to make for subscribers. This is the basic free-to-use feature that will help you create Collections (also called 'Editions').
  • Please note that unlike Drops, Collections are not lazy minted on our platform, meaning you will need to bear gas fees.
  • A collection can only be created on the ERC721 network on NiftyKit.
  • With our basic membership, you can also access Token Gating features.
  • Please note that NiftyKit takes a 5% cut on primary sales of Redeemables.
  • Lazy minting is available for redeemables, your collectors pay gas so you don't have to!
  • Redeemables help you create a number of tokens or editions of same asset.
  • Redeemables are only available on the ERC721 network.


DropKit is our flagship tool for creators looking to build large NFT projects/drops. DropKit supports minting larger collections ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 (and beyond) units.
  • All drops are BYOA (Bring Your Own Assets) - meaning you should have your artwork ready to go for the build.
  • DropKit also comes with a no-code widget builder (to embed custom buttons on your website), carbon offset tools, NFT creation tools, bulk upload options, airdrop options, and more!
  • DropKit enables minting via ERC721A and allows lazy minting NFT's.
  • Control your entire sales process - pre-sale, airdrops, post-drop management and more.