Preparing Your Assets With Photoshop

Learn how you can generate & export assets easily using Photoshop
Here's a quick guide to help you export a parent folder containing folders with all your traits ready. This folder can then be uploaded to NFT generators to create your specified range of NFT JPEGs.
Follow these steps to get your folders ready:

Step 1: Download Photoshop Plugin

  • Click here to download the photoshop plugin. This script allows you to export layers in your Photoshop document as individual files at a speed much faster than the built-in script from Adobe.
  • In Photoshop go to File -> Scripts -> Browse... and select the Export Layers To Files (Fast).jsx file.
    • NOTE: The script needs the Export Layers To Files (Fast)-progress_bar.json file to run as well. Without this, you will get a "Progress bar resource corrupt" error. Please ensure that the .jsx and the .json files are siblings in the same directory.
  • You can add the script to the Scripts menu by adding all of the script files to Photoshop > Presets > Scripts
    • Windows: /Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop VERSION/Presets/Scripts
    • Mac: /Applications/Adobe Photoshop VERSION/Presets/Scripts

Step 2: Organize Your Layers

  • In your photoshop project - sort your layers into folders. These folders will control different traits for your NFTs (backgrounds, eyes, ears, noses, mouths, etc.).
  • Run the Layers To Files Fast plugin to export your folders.

Step 3: Export

  • Go to File -> Scripts -> Browser -> Export Layers to Files Fast.
  • In the export window - switch the "Output options" to "Group as Folders".
  • Select "Transparency with PNG-24" for the highest quality export.
  • After exporting, you will see a folder that contains all of your "traits" (layers) folders.
You can find more details about the plugin here.