Starting Your Sale
Learn how to prepare your drop, set the prices, max number of NFTs, & set up batch mints.
DropKit helps you manage multiple essential points of sale for your NFT projects.
  • Step 1: To start your sales/drop - click on "Prepare Drop" on your DropKit dashboard.
  • Step 2: After clicking on "Presale" you can set the number of NFTs to reflect the quantity of your drop. You can also set the price-per-mint, which will apply to all your NFT's. Next, set the max number of NFT's that any one wallet can mint in the "Max NFTs Per Wallet" section. The "Max NFTs Per Mint" section allows people to mint your NFTs in batches, but will not exceed the Max NFTs Per Wallet limit.
Max NFTs Per Mint = Batch Minting
Please Note: For free mint, set the price to 0 (zero) and continue.

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