Uploading Assets to IPFS

Learn how to upload your NFT data on distributed storage systems.
To use the DropKit Batch Upload, you need to first upload all your images in Pinata or NFTStorage. On the next couple of pages, you will go through some quick guides you can follow to upload your assets to IPFS - a popular distributed, decentralized storage system. These storage systems consist of networks around the world called "nodes" that help users store and share data.
However, if you plan on selling or being compatible with other marketplaces please read file asset size and requirements or else your file may not upload, upload corrupted, or not show correctly.


  • Upload all of your images in one folder and rename the images according to sequence (1,2,3...).
  • Get the generated links and put them in your CSV sheet.
  • Use Export JSON or directly import CSV in DropKit batch upload.