Custom ERC-20

Learn how to add and accept your own custom ERC-20 token as a form of payment for your NFTs.

Before starting your sale in your collection, you must install the ERC-20 app to your collection and add the custom token to your contract.

Step 1: Install the ERC-20 App

Make sure you have installed the ERC-20 app to your collection before proceeding to the next step. To install:

Step 2: Verify Token Existence

Ensure that your custom ERC-20 token exists on the Ethereum network where your NFT collection is deployed.

Step 3: Access your Contract via

Go to, the platform where you can configure the Smart Contract of your NFT Collection. Access our contract by searching your contract address

Step 4: Add the Custom ERC-20 Token

Within, you need to:

  • Navigate to the "Write" function, find the option named "erc20SetActiveToken."

  • Enter the tokenAddress of your custom ERC-20 token into this field. This specifies which token will be accepted as payment for NFTs in your collection.

  • "Execute" to confirm the transaction.

Make sure the wallet connected is the collection owner and the token exists on the network

Step 5: Refresh the Collection Dashboard

  • After you've entered the custom token's address in louper, go back to your collection dashboard and refresh the page. Once it's properly added a "CUSTOM" active token will show under your overview dashboard.

Step 6: Verify Custom Token

Click edit and check your custom ERC-20 token is now listed.

Step 7: Adjust Sale Settings

You can activate the sale of your NFTs via the [Prepare Drop Button]. You will still have the option to use either the base token (e.g., ETH) or an app token (e.g., apeCoin) according to your preferences

If you want to switch from one token to another while the sale is active, collectors may encounter errors when trying to mint NFTs. In such cases, you should "Stop Sale" and then restart your sale with the newly selected ERC-20 token.

Note on USD Conversion

Please note that custom tokens may not display a USD conversion in the user interface for the Drop Sale (start sale) dialog or the Mint Checkout dialog.

The default will be to show the Tokens Total + Mint Fee ($USD Total)

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