Pay What You Want App

Let your collectors choose how much they would like to pay for your NFTs. This can be used to help you gauge market value for your NFTs and get paid.

To activate the Pay What You Want App follow these steps:

  1. Launch your collection by creating the smart contract using NiftyKit

  2. Navigate to the app tab

  3. Click on [Add] in Pay What You Want to Install.

Set up the Pay What You Want App

Once installed, a Pay What You Want section will now be accessible in your collection overview. Click [setup] and choose "ENABLED" to get started.

Pay What You Want App is not compatible with Apecoin or any ERC-20 tokens.

Start your pre-sale or public sale, to finalize your sale type and input your desired suggested price per NFT.

You can change the setup anytime by stopping and restarting your sale.

Mint and Pay What You Want

Once your sale is live, collectors will now have the option to enter any amount they would like for each NFT when minting your NFT. Your suggested price will be shown a default but they can enter any price below or above the suggested price.

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