Generative Collection

Learn how to organize, set up your rarity, and launch your open generative collection with NiftyKit.
Instead of just using a generator to create art, our Open Generative Collections create art when minting happens. Artists provide different layers, and the blockchain decides the final artwork. This will create unique versions of your art in infinite quantity.
You can enable this feature for both new and existing Diamond Drop Collections and Pro Collections.
Generative Collection is not available for Edition Collections

To activate the Generative Collection App, follow these steps:

  1. 1.
    Launch your Drop or Pro collection by creating the smart contract using NiftyKit
  2. 2.
    Go to your collection dashboard
  3. 3.
    Navigate to the app tab
  4. 4.
    Click on [Add] for the Generative Collection option, as illustrated below.
Activating the Generative Collection App

Uploading Your Layers

  1. 1.
    Once the app is activated, go back to the Overview tab of your collection.
  2. 2.
    Click set up in Generative Collection
  1. 3.
    Upload your layers
Click activate and start minting your Open Gen

Art Generator Asset Guidelines

Folder Organization

Ensure that the traits are organized in a folder structure, with the folder name being the name of the trait category and individual files under the folder are traits.
Ensure that folders are named with the layering order, 0 being the bottom-most layer. The layering order should come first, then the underscore, then the name of the trait category.
  • 0_Face
    • Oval.png
    • Round.png
    • Square.png
  • 1_Eyes
    • Round.png
    • Three Eyes.png
    • Anime.png
  • 2_Hair
    • Pink.png
    • Blue.png
    • Curly Black.png
  • 3_Weapon
    • Sword.png
    • Mace.png
    • Nunchaku.png


Rarity is defined by which trait will have a higher chance of appearing, almost like throwing a dart on a board.
For example:
- Oval.png
- Round.png
- Square.png
This setup will have an equal chance of getting each trait.
If we want to introduce rarity, we use the ‘#’ and a number assigned to it:
- Oval#1000.png
- Round#1.png
- Square#500.png
By appending rarity numbers, this setup says Oval has a 1000/1501 chance of getting it, Round has a 1/1501 chance, and Square will have a 500/1501 chance.
Lower the number, the rare it is.

Empty Traits

Sometimes we want traits that don’t show up, and the best way to do that is to create an empty transparent PNG file, called “None” or “Empty” whichever makes sense for your collection.
- Oval#1000.png
- Round#1.png
- Square#500.png
- Empty#10000.png
This will have a 10000/11501 chance of getting an empty face.
For additional information regarding use cases and detailed explanations about Generative Collection, you can find more details in this resource.