NiftyKit is free to try with options to upgrade to premium support & services
NiftyKit is now available to everyone without the upfront fees that we had required for creating your NFT collection. We believe this will make NFT and smart contract creation accessible to more people and provide a better experience for all. NFTs are revolutionary; more access will lead to amazing new ideas and possibilities yet to discover.
After signing up and creating your account, you will be able to access and use all of the following NiftyKit tools and features:
  • Launch NFT Collection: drops & editions with a 10% sales fee (upgradable)
  • Diamond Contracts
  • Mint on Your Own Website
  • Create Revenue Split
  • Create Token Access
  • NiftyKit apps
  • and more (coming soon)


Creator Passes are available for a limited time and allow you to upgrade to a lower primary sales percentage on all your drops, in addition to premium customer support and other benefits for members only.
Creator Passes can also be purchased on secondary marketplaces and still access the same benefits once activated in our system.