NiftyKit Demo Collection

Learn how to navigate the NiftyKit Demo Collection! Your gateway into the realm of digital collectibles, this collection serves as your introduction to our platform.

See how you can offer a smooth and user-friendly experience for your collectors. The NiftyKit Demo Collection is a space for you to freely explore, understand, and adapt at your speed. Upon signing up, you're automatically included in this collection. Take your time to dive into the features! Remember, you're in charge here – whenever you're ready for the full experience, feel free to create your own collection. Let the creative journey begin!

Explore the Demo Collection

  1. After signing up, you'll be directed to your dashboard with a new NiftyKit Demo Collection. Go to your dashboard now and follow the guide below.

Upload NFTs

  1. Navigate to the "Metadata" section.

  2. Click on the "Import Assets" button to single/batch upload your NFT. Make sure that your images are correctly named in numerical order (1, 2,3...).

  3. Select or drop your asset/s with or without Metadata. Read more here for a step-by-step guide on how to upload.

Start a Waitlist

A waitlist is where people can join your collection so they can mint in your pre-sale phase. NFT creators often use waitlists as a strategic tool to gauge demand, build anticipation, and engage with potential buyers before the official release of their digital assets. With this, you can start collecting leads, get your collector's information, and more. This will not require any gas fee to set up and you can change and update this anytime.

  1. Navigate to the "Waitlist" section in the "Prepare Drop" Button

  2. Set up the waitlist and choose which information you will require for your collectors. Read more here

  3. Share your mint page link with your collectors.

Mint Page Preview

Your mint page will be accessible once you have started your waitlist.

Click "View" as shown below to preview your mint page.

Review the mint page to understand the user experience. You can customize your mint page by adding and connecting your socials, discord, and website in the "Customize" link.

Take a moment to review all the settings and configurations you've explored. Edit and make changes as needed to understand how modifications affect the overall collection. If you need more help, feel free to email us at

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