📰Install for WordPress

Learn how to install the NiftyKit Diamond Widgets for Wordpress.

This tutorial will show you how to install the NiftyKit Diamond Widgets on your WordPress.

To start, make sure you're in the WordPress page builder.

1. Switch to "Code Editor" mode

Depending on your theme or plugins, this view might be different; please refer to the following helpful links:

2. Paste your SDK widget code

<!-- Import NiftyKit Widgets library -->
<script type="module" src="https://sdk.niftykit.com/widgets/widgets.esm.js"></script>

<nk-diamond collection-id="YOUR-SDK-KEY">
      Connect Wallet
    <nk-drop-mint-button success-title="Success!" success-message="You did it!">
      Mint NFT

Be sure to replace YOUR-SDK-KEY it with your actual SDK key.

3. Update your mint page

This also works in Elementor if you embed the HTML element.

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