Pre-Reveal Placeholder

Learn how to set a pre-reveal placeholder for your minted NFTs.

What is a Pre-Reveal Placeholder?

Pre-reveal placeholders are usually used to hide the NFTs before rebealing the generative collection. The artwork wonโ€™t actually be revealed until the NFT is minted, and collectors will only know which NFT in the collection they own once they buy the NFT.

In other words, the art only reveals itself after itโ€™s purchased, and a placeholder is a temporary image, a curtain before the stage.

We highly recommend saving your metadata on the NiftyKit API, so you can make changes any time (pre or post-mint)

Note: Uploading a pre-reveal placeholder will be a required step so you can access your waitlist, pre-sale and public sale.

Set up Pre-Reveal Placeholder Image

To change or update the pre-reveal image, tap [Prepare drop]. This will open a dialog that will walk you through the process of adding a placeholder (image or video) for your NFTs. Once set, you will be able to control your reveal at any time, and send airdrops.

You can edit and change your image and metadata in your pre-reveal. All changes will be immediate to the blockchain but will need to refresh metadata on secondary marketplaces.

Adding a pre-reveal placeholder to your drop makes it so that your NFTs and metadata are hidden upon initial mint. It allows you to control when your community gets to see the final assets and metadata. We recommend adding a pre-reveal placeholder so that your NFTs and metadata are protected from sniping. Without a placeholder, customers will see a broken image on OpenSea

Add Attributes

You can now also set attributes for pre-reveal placeholders. This means that you can add a set of common properties that will show up on marketplaces.

To add attributes to your placeholder simply click [Upload or Edit Pre-reveal] on your NFT tab and add it manually.

Editing Pre-reveal image

Your uploaded pre-reveal asset is manageable under your NFT tab in the Drop dashboard. If you want to make changes and edit your pre-reveal asset and attributes, simply tap [Edit Pre-reveal] button.

All changes will be instant if you save your metadata through NiftyKit API.

OpenSea Management

Not seeing your placeholder on OpenSea?

It can take up to 24 hours for the image to show up and update on OpenSea. When you reveal or set a pre-reveal image, we update the metadata on IPFS. Propagation to OpenSea is NOT instant. If you arenโ€™t seeing your NFTs, click Refresh Metadata on OpenSea to force request metadata.

There are ways you can investigate if your metadata is working.

  • Set Base URI โ€“ Check Etherscan to ensure that you ran the Set Base URI request successfully. If your images havenโ€™t shown up you may have an issue with your metadata not pointing to IPFS.

  • Refresh Metadata โ€“ Once IPFS is confirmed, click Refresh Metadata and do a hard browser refresh in OpenSea.

  • Validate Using OpenSea API โ€“ Check what metadata OpenSea is pointing to. Check for errors by visiting this link after entering your smart contract address and the token you wish to validate:{{ INSERT SMART CONTRACT ADDRESS }}/{{ INSERT TOKEN ID }}/validate

Bonus feature: Once assets have been uploaded on the DropKit dashboard, users can now also re-order their NFT rows by dragging the dots on the left-hand side of each of the assets.

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