NiftyKit Integration with Farcaster Frames

Learn how to seamlessly integrate Farcaster Frames with your NiftyKit collections for enriched, interactive broadcasting on Warpcast.


NiftyKit is excited to announce the integration with Farcaster Frames, a feature that transforms standard casts into interactive applications within the Farcaster ecosystem. This new collaboration allows creators on NiftyKit to engage with their audience through interactive experiences directly within Warpcast, Farcaster's primary client.

What are Farcaster Frames?

Frames are an innovative feature that enables Farcaster to provide interactive and authenticated experiences. With Frames, you can turn any cast into an app-like experience, allowing users to interact with polls, live feeds, or galleries without leaving the Warpcast environment. It's a step up from the traditional static embeds, offering a dynamic way to interact with content (Farcaster) (

Farcaster Frames have two main UI components:

  • an Image and

  • a set of Intents

Supported Chains

NiftyKit collections can now leverage Farcaster Frames on the following chains:

  • Ethereum

  • Base

  • Optimism

  • Arbitrum Nova

  • Arbitrum One

Accessing and Testing Your Collection's Frame

Seeing Your Frame In Action

Once your collection has been minted, you will get a public mint page like:

Simply sharing this URL will allow Warp Frames to fetch all necessary metadata to generate the frame, simplifying the process for users.

Testing Your Frames

To test your Frames, use the Warpcast tool:

Images from these tests are crucial for ensuring your Frame operates as expected across different scenarios.

Advanced Options

For those needing more control or wanting to customize their experience further, you can manually configure your Frames. Every collection minted on NiftyKit is given a unique "slug" that is part of their mint page. For example, "Based Rice Cookers" has the following slug: based-rice-cookers

  • Simple Frame:<slug>

  • Advanced Frame:<slug>/advanced

The advanced view supports a quantity selector for minting, offering greater flexibility for collections involving multiple items.

Seeing Advanced Options In Action

Wallet Simulations

Users will see a summary of all the interactions they are about to make, giving them transparency about the frames intents:

Final Thoughts

By integrating with Farcaster Frames, NiftyKit collections are now part of an innovative web of interactive social engagements. This feature is a fun and secure way to interact with your audience and a step forward in bridging the gap between static content and dynamic user experiences in the social media landscape.

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