Importing Assets & Metadata

Learn how to upload your assets and metadata directly to your drop.

NiftyKit simplifies digital asset management by enabling direct asset and metadata uploads without third-party apps. Our import tool will upload your assets directly to IPFS, saving time and ensuring asset accessibility and safekeeping.

-> Check supported file types here


  1. File names should be numerical (eg. 1.png, 2.png, 3.png, etc) otherwise the token IDs will be assigned randomly.

  2. Assets should already be generated and in a single layer.

  3. Save metadata in NiftyKit API (Recommended)

  4. For CSV or JSON files, it must follow the exact template below. Otherwise, it cannot be read by our system.

-> download the sample folder (assets + CSV).

How to upload assets and metadata?

There are two ways to upload your assets.

  1. Upload assets separately with metadata

  2. Upload CSV or JSON with IPFS links of your assets

When utilizing the Import Metadata feature, you can either upload a file of just metadata or a combination of assets (images, videos, gifs) and metadata.

Note that when uploading metadata, the following are optional fields:

  • image

  • animation_url,

  • background_color,

  • youtube_url, and

  • external_url.

Including an image field in your CSV or JSON file will override any previously uploaded images for that specific NFT.

Uploading a CSV or JSON with an image field will override any previously uploaded image.

If you upload image files and metadata already exists, we will update only the images. For example, if you have already uploaded ten tokens and uploaded image 5.png, we will update the image for token #5.

As an alternative, you can also add or edit the metadata directly from your dashboard. Just click on [EDIT] next to the asset you want to edit, click [ADD PROPERTY], enter the traits, and then [SAVE].

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