🌊Install for Webflow

Learn how to install the NiftyKit Diamond Widgets for Webflow.

This tutorial will show you how to install the NiftyKit Diamond Widgets button on your Webflow website. Here's a basic example to view before getting started: https://dropkit-883093.webflow.io/.

To begin, make sure you're in the Webflow website builder.

1. Click on "Add Elements"

Within the Webflow left-side menu, click on the button labled "Add Elements"

2. Click on "Embed"

Under the Components dropdown, select "Embed </>"

3. Add the NiftyKit Diamond Widget code snippet

Add the following code snippet within the embed editor:

<!-- Import NiftyKit Widgets library -->
<script type="module" src="https://sdk.niftykit.com/widgets/widgets.esm.js"></script>


<nk-diamond collection-id="YOUR-SDK-KEY">
      Connect Wallet
    <nk-drop-mint-button success-title="Success!" success-message="You did it!">
      Mint NFT

Be sure to replace YOUR-SDK-KEY with your SDK key.

4. Publish Your Site

Your widget will be visible when you publish your site.

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