Creating Your Own NFT Collection

Learn how to fill in collection details when creating your first smart contract using NiftyKit
You are the full and only owner of the collection you created on NiftyKit and each smart contract is tied to your wallet address.
Using your wallet you can execute blockchain commands to your smart contract for drop functions like starting a sale or withdrawing your earnings once your minting is complete.
NiftyKit cannot execute administrative commands on your owned contract.

Collection Overview

Once you log in, you will be directed to your creator dashboard as shown below. To create your first NFT collection, follow these steps:
1. Navigate to the [Create] button, then click continue.
NiftyKit Creator Dashboard
2. Choose [Collection], and click your preferred collection type: [Drop] or [Edition]
Choose between drop or edition collection

Collection Details

Collection details (1 of 3) include:
Collections details (1 of 3)
Collection Details (1 of 3)
By choosing a network, you're essentially designating the currency you'll use to cover the gas fee for creation, as well as the currency you'll receive from minting. Learn more here.
Contract Name
The label you wish to assign to your smart contract's address on the blockchain. This makes it to identify your collection in the web3 space.
Contract Symbol
This is the shortened or abbreviated identifier associated with your contract on the blockchain. Often used to represent your collection. For example: "BAYC" for Bored Ape Yacht Club.
Collection URL
The link where your generated NiftyKit mint page will be assigned. This link will be publicly visible, allowing your collectors to mint their NFTs once the sale begins.

Collection (2 of 3)

Collection Details 2 of 3
Primary Sales
This refers to the initial sale of your NFTs directly to collectors.
Secondary Sales
These are sales that happen after the primary sale, where collectors or investors resell the digital items they bought from you. You might receive a percentage of the resale price as a royalty.
Royalty Percentage
This indicates the portion of the proceeds from secondary sales that you, as the creator, receive as compensation. It's a way for you to keep benefiting when your digital items are resold in the future.
What's my wallet address? Learn more here.

Collection image size

The mint page banner size is 600px tall and the width spans 100% of the browser. 1800x600
The image is generally square and our preview cards are about 371px max width.

Collection Description

A collection description in NFTs is a brief write-up that explains the theme, style, or artist behind a group of digital artworks. It helps potential buyers understand the collection's concept and artistic intent before making a purchase. You can change this at any time with NiftyKit.