Revealing Your Metadata

Learn how to manage your reveal modes for your NFT drop collection.

Reveal Your Metadata

Revealing is typically done once your project has sold out or whenever you choose to reveal it. Users can have as many sales as they would need before revealing their assets and even have the option to extend their supply even after they hit their max limit set when you configure a sale.

You can tap [Reveal]. This will open a dialog that will walk you through the process of revealing your NFT assets and metadata.

For the pre-reveal, you can select Hide All: Show collectors only your pre-reveal placeholders.

While revealing your metadata, you will have 4 options on screen:

  • Reveal all: Display all of your NFTs at once.

  • Reveal-as-you-mint: The NFTs will be displayed as soon as your collectors mint your assets. It hides all traits of unminted NFTs.

  • Reveal individual NFTs: You can select the individual NFTs to reveal on screen.

  • Reveal custom range: You can select a range of NFTs that you choose to reveal.

Switching Reveal status

Reverting back from revealed to hidden status is applicable but the minted NFTs on marketplaces will take up to 24 hours to reflect your changes

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