Available Apps

Learn how to monetize NFT collections and incentivize supporters to promote your NFT project.
In this guide, we will look closely at some of the current apps, including ApeCoin, Fee Allocation, Share To Earn, Royalty Update, Generative Collection, and Soulbound.
All apps are not a one-time setup and can be adjusted after making the changes. This flexibility allows you to adapt to changing circumstances or adjust your strategy to optimize your earnings.
Feel free to experiment and make changes as needed, without worrying about locking yourself into a fixed structure.

Apps Overview

The generative collection app generates countless NFT variations, making it ideal for open editions and generating art as minted. Artists upload their layers and allow the blockchain to determine the final result.
The soulbound token app enables creators to take control of the tradability of their NFTs in secondary marketplaces. Easily switch on and off soulbound to allow buying and selling
The fee allocation app allows creators to offer additional sales mechanics, such as absorbing fees or passing fees onto buyers, to increase their average sales and revenue.
The share-to-earn app enables creators to share a percentage of their earnings with supporters who bring in sales, creating a win-win situation for both parties.
The royalty update app enables creators to adjust their collection royalty percentages post-mint, giving them more flexibility and control over their earnings.
To navigate and install apps, click the following pages for the guides and instructions.