Augmented Reality App (Token Access)

Learn how to create token-gated AR experiences for your community. Add a fun, gamified element to your collection!

Welcome to the NiftyKit Augmented Reality Guide – your gateway to enhancing your NFT collection with token-gated Augmented Reality experiences. Through AR, you can immerse collectors in an interactive world of 3D content with increased exclusivity, increased value, and unique community engagement.

Before we dive in, make sure you have:

  • Launched NiftyKit collection (Drop or Edition)

  • 3D Asset

  • Marker Image (image that will trigger augmented reality)

Supported 3D Format Files

  • .glb

  • .gltf

  • .zip that contains a .gltf file

All the metadata and data that you will input in your token-gated AR are editable even after creation. This allows you to maintain flexibility and refine your AR as needed. Let's get started! 🛠️🔄

To activate your Augmented Reality (AR) follow these steps:

  1. Launch your collection by creating the smart contract using NiftyKit

  2. Navigate to the app tab

  3. Click on [Add] in Augmented Reality.

  1. Once installed, an Augmented Reality section will now be accessible in your collection overview. This means that the Augmented Reality app has been enabled. You can now use this feature when you create a new Token Access.

Augmented Reality App Set up

  1. Click the create button and choose Token Access

  1. Set up your AR Token Access details as shown below and select "Enable Augmented Reality."

    For access type, you can choose who can see your AR. You can select specific tokens who are in your collection to limit access.

  1. Upload your 3D asset and marker image

  1. Click continue and create. You can now announce that your AR token access is now live! Your collectors can connect their wallets on your Mint page to view your exclusive AR.

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