Airdropping NFTs

Learn how to batch airdrop NFTs. Send tokens individually to a wallet address or batch airdrop to all of your community members.

Airdropping NFTs refers to sending NFTs for free to a specific group of individuals or to the wider public. Airdrops can be used as a marketing strategy to promote a new project or to reward existing supporters of a project.

When you airdrop, you mint the NFT for them. This means by airdropping you will pay the gas fee and mint fee. You can batch airdrop up to 250 wallet addresses in one transaction. All transactions including airdrop are optimized with our Smart Contracts.

How to Airdrop

From your NiftyKit dashboard, go to the [Metadata] tab and click on "Airdrop".

Please note: ENS is currently not supported, use only complete wallet addresses

To do a batch airdrop, you must list the wallet addresses along with the corresponding quantities of NFTs you intend to send in a CSV file. Make sure to follow the provided template below, otherwise, it will not be read by our system. Download the sample CSV file below:

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