Renouncing Your Contract

Learn how to renounce your contract on NiftyKit.

Renounce Your Contract

Once your drop has fully commenced and is considered complete, you might want to consider renouncing your contract. Here are a few reasons why renouncing might be wise:

  • Show your collectors that no one will ever be able to run any admin functions on the contract keeping the integrity of the project intact long-term.

  • You do not ever want your smart contract accessible by any malicious person that may happen to get access to your wallet's private keys and can access and run commands on your smart contract.

  • You do not want to accidentally change or mess up the metadata and want to freeze the metadata as is.

Please ensure all your metadata is in place before you continue with this step. On your DropKit Dashboard, select the smart contract you've created that you would want to renounce.

Next, select the dropdown option on the far right corner and click on "Renounce Contract" to complete this step.

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