Perfect Abstractions Audit

NiftyKit has partnered with Nick Mudge, the author of Diamond Contract himself, and Perfect Abstractions, to audit our contracts.

Smart contracts are an essential component of blockchain technology, enabling automated, self-executing contracts to be created and executed based on specific conditions. However, while blockchains are generally resistant to attacks, smart contracts are not immune to vulnerabilities that can compromise their safety and security. To ensure that your smart contracts are as safe as possible, a smart contract audit is essential.

A smart contract audit is a comprehensive review of the code and functionality of a smart contract, which helps to expose any technical or code-related vulnerabilities, as well as any human errors that may exist.

There are several common types of vulnerabilities in smart contracts that we look for during our audits, including re-entrancy attacks, function visibility errors, spelling mistakes, and gas optimizations. Re-entrancy attacks are among the most critical types of attacks, where malicious code tries to drain the funds in a particular contract. Function visibility errors can also be devastating, as a developer may forget to set the visibility of a function as private, allowing a hacker to call the "destruct" function to destroy the entire contract immediately. Even simple spelling mistakes can cause a smart contract to malfunction, leading to unexpected consequences. Finally, gas optimizations are often overlooked, and can lead to unnecessarily complicated and inefficient smart contracts.

About Perfect Abstractions

Perfect Abstractions is a leading blockchain technology consulting firm that specializes in smart contract development, auditing, and security. Their team of experts has years of experience in Solidity programming and blockchain technology, and they use their extensive knowledge to provide top-quality smart contract auditing services that ensure the safety and security of your blockchain projects. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail has earned them a reputation as one of the most trusted and reliable blockchain consulting firms in the industry.

Niftykit-Contracts-V3 Audit

Perfect Abstractions conducted a smart contract audit of Niftykit's Niftykit-Contracts-V3 from 7 March 2023 to 28 March 2023.

This new version of NiftyKit implements EIP-2535 Diamonds, allowing it to easily add or remove functionality for NFT collections. The codebase is modular and well-written.

See the full audit here

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