Token Access In Collections

Custom gated experience for Drop Collections

Token access or token gate is a utility feature that allows users to create an exclusive, gated experience for their NFT holders.

You can create Token Access pages for each token or range of tokens. For example, holders of NFTs #1 to #5 from your collection/drop can access certain special/exclusive content, while holders of NFTs #6 to #100 can access general (standard) content. This is similar to OpenSea Unlockables.

This experience can include messages, embedded URL content (images, audio, videos, and other forms of embeddable media content), or a redirection to another URL. After creating it, you can share the link with your NFT holders for immediate access. This is perfect for any content creator, including visual artists, musicians, bloggers, vloggers, photographers, filmmakers, influencers, and more!

Creation: Token Access

You can create Token Access directly inside your Drop dashboard under the [Token Access Tab]

You can only change the Name, Access Type & Description

Select the details on the Access Type you want to provide to your token holders.

All Tokens in the Contract or specific tokens listed

This is where you can add your content, such as a link, image, or access to another webpage

NiftyKit text area boxes can be customized and styled using Markdown.

Here are the required fields for your Token Access Details:

Name - Write in the name for your token access

Description - Write in the description for your unlockable content

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