Minting Open & Limited Editions

Create limited and open editions of artwork or 1-of-1s within a single collection.

Creating Open or Limited Edition

To create an Open or Limited Edition, select [Edition] when choosing a collection type. After creating the contract, you can now create edition tokens.

To create an Edition, select Create > Edition

From there, you can customize your edition details, including:

  • the number of copies available for purchase

  • the price of each piece

  • any additional details you wish to include: overview, description

Starting Sales in your Editions

Click [Generate Link] to each edition to make it live, share the link, and start minting.

Setting up Pre-sale in Edition

In each edition. Click [Edit Access List] to open up your pre-sale/waitlist/whitelist. This will open up a pop-up where you can enter all of the wallet addresses you wish to be included in this exclusive minting.

Setting up Public Sale in Edition

If you have started your sale with pre-sale, simply delete all of the wallet addresses in the [Edit Access List] shown in the image above and hit publish.

This will immediately reflect and start the public sale.

You can add and delete wallet addresses in the edit access list anytime.

Managing Multiple Editions in One Collection

With your collection, you can create unlimited editions and add token access to the same contract. You can generate and disable the link anytime to have control over when you want to start and stop the sale.

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