Learn how to troubleshoot some basic problems that may arise post your launch

1) Collection Not Showing On OpenSea:

  • There should be at least 1 minted NFT for your collection to be displayed on the marketplaces.

2) NFT Image/Video Not Showing On OpenSea:

  • Refresh your metadata. For Ethereum Collection you can use to refresh your whole collection.

  • Check if your NFTs are displayed correctly on other marketplaces e.g. Rarible.

    Other Marketplaces to see if the issue is specific to Opensea only:

    If yes, this is most likely an issue with OpenSea. Please contact OpenSea support for further instructions.

  • If you still do not see your NFTs on OpenSea, please re-check your IPFS links to confirm if it is viewable on your browser. If this problem persists, please contact NiftyKit support (

3) Dutch Auctions:

  • Currently, we do not support the Dutch Auction feature on collection. But you can always request this feature if you would require it for your drop. Leave us a message on our Discord to enable this feature.

4) Wallet not connecting on mint page:

  • If your Metamask is not responding but you have connected to NiftyKit before, disconnect your MetaMask wallet from the website to fix common issues with the mint button not responding, preventing the MetaMask confirmation from popping up.

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