Accept ERC-20

Learn how to accept any ERC-20 token as a form of payment for your NFTs. Accept popular tokens such as USDC, ApeCoin and more.

With the ERC-20 app, powered by NiftyKit, you have the seamless ability to accept any ERC-20 token as a form of payment for your NFTs. Accept popular tokens such as USDC, ApeCoin, or your custom token. Start accepting payments with ease!

Before starting your sale in your collection, you must install the ERC-20 app to your collection and choose which token you would like to accept for your drop.

ERC-20 App is available to all networks.

To activate and accept ERC-20 follow these steps:

  1. Launch your collection by creating the smart contract using NiftyKit

  2. Navigate to the app tab

  3. Click on [Add] in ERC-20 to install.

Set up ERC-20 Payment for your Pre-sale or Public Sale

  1. Once installed, a Custom ERC-20 section will now be accessible in your collection overview. Click edit to get started. If you're planning to accept your custom ERC-20, go here.

  1. Choose an ERC-20 token to apply to your sales then click Update now. This will pop up your wallet and will ask you to confirm the transaction (with a minimal gas fee).

Only one token can be applied at a time per sale. You can also set up any custom token to accept here via louper.

  1. You can now start your sale. Go to [Prepare Drop]. and select Pre-sale or Public Sale.

  1. Input the price here. Once you start your sale. you can switch later on to accept Ethereum or other ERC-20 anytime by stopping and restarting your sale.

  2. Customize your drop page and start minting! Go to your Collection Dashboard now

How Minting in ERC-20 Works

On the mint page, the mint dialog will show the cost in ERC-20 and the fee in ETH. The first transaction processes the mint with the ERC-20 and there will be a separate transaction for the fees in ETH.

Withdrawing your ERC-20 sale

To withdraw your ERC-20 earnings from your collection, go to the overview tab and click on the drop-down as shown below:

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