Sales Management

Learn how to create chain sales for pre-sale and public sales for your NFT drop collection. Set the mint price, max number of NFTs, & set up batch mints.

In the next few sections, we will guide you on different types of sales processes that are possible by combining our products and tools.

With your NiftyKit drop, you have full control over your sales setup. You can start your sale (pre-sale or public sale) in any order. If you wish to change your mint price or change the supply of your total NFTs, you need to stop and restart the sale in order to edit it.

Starting your Sale

Starting your Sale in your Drop Collection using NiftyKit
  • Step 1: To start your sales/drop - click on "Prepare Drop" on your Drop dashboard.

  • Step 2: Upload a Pre-reveal Asset (Image or Video) to access Pre-sale or Public Sale. (Learn more about :Pre-Reveal Placeholder)

  • Step 3: Start your sale by clicking [Presale] or [Public Sale].

If you want to do a waitlist (collect wallet addresses to the mint for your pre-sale) read more here: Waitlist Management

Sales Set up

You can set the number of NFTs to reflect the quantity of your drop. You can also set the price-per-mint, which will apply to all your NFTs. Next, set the max number of NFTs that any one wallet can mint in the "Max NFTs Per Wallet" section. The "Max NFTs Per Mint" section allows people to mint NFTs in batches, but will not exceed the Max NFTs Per Wallet limit.

After Clicking [Pre-sale], you can now set up your sales in your contract. All values you see below can be changed anytime. Learn more in Editing your Sale

Max NFTs Per Mint = Batch Minting

Please Note: For free mint, set the price to 0 (zero) and continue.

Editing your Sale

If you want to edit or change your sale setup, tap on [Stop Pre-sale] or [Stop Public Sale] on your collection dashboard. Stopping the sale will allow you to edit:

  • Switch type of sale (pre-sale or public)

  • Change price per NFT

  • Change max NFT per wallet

  • Change max per mint

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