Migrating Your Smart Contract to NiftyKit (via Airdrop)

Learn how to seamlessly transition your collection, ensuring that each NFT is accurately represented and linked to its rightful owner on NiftyKit platform.

Welcome to the guide on migrating your NFT collection's smart contract to NiftyKit. This process is designed to seamlessly transition your collection. NiftyKit can provide the collection snapshot tool and help migrate your collection to a more secure diamond contract.

Below, is the outline of the key steps and provide examples to illustrate the migration process.

Process Overview

1. Token Owner Identification

  • What We Do: We systematically identify the owner of each token in your NFT collection.

  • Example: For Token ID 1, we find that the owner is Address A; for Token ID 2, the owner is Address B, and so on.

2. Airdrop Preparation

  • What We Do: We prepare the data for airdrop in an organized manner.

  • Example: We create batches of token ownership data, with each batch containing information for up to 250 tokens. This makes the airdrop process manageable and efficient.

3. Metadata Retrieval

  • What We Do: We fetch and compile the metadata for each token from your original contract.

  • Example: For Token ID 1, we retrieve its image, name, and description. This process is repeated for each token in your collection.

4. Metadata Consistency

  • What We Do: We ensure that the metadata for each token matches its corresponding token ID.

  • Example: If Token ID 1 in your original collection has the name "Mythical Creature #1," we maintain this association in the migrated data.

5. Metadata Format Options

  • What We Do: We provide the metadata in both CSV and JSON formats.

  • Example: You can choose to receive the metadata in a CSV file for easy viewing in spreadsheet software or a JSON file for technical integrations.

Customer Actions Required

A. Executing the Airdrop

  • Your Role: Use the provided CSV files to distribute the NFTs to the listed owners.

  • Example: You will receive a file named airdrop_batch_1.csv. Use this file to airdrop tokens to the addresses listed in this batch.

B. Importing Metadata

  • Your Role: Import the provided metadata into NiftyKit.

  • Example: If you choose the JSON format, you can directly import the file metadata.json into NiftyKit to update your collection's information.

By following this process, you ensure that your NFT collection is accurately represented on our platform, with each NFT linked to its correct owner and displaying its unique metadata.

Need more help? Please reach out to support@niftykit.com

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