Withdraw Your Revenue Splits

Cash out via NiftyKit Revenue Splitter or Etherscan

NiftyKit Revenue Split For First Time Users

For creators outside NiftyKit collaborating with other creators or brands that use NiftyKit, follow the simple instructions below to withdraw your revenue split income.

  • Sign up for NiftyKit. No purchase or membership fee is required for this step.

  • Connect your wallet at the top right corner, as shown below:

  • You should then see "Revenue Split" on your dashboard.

  • You now have two ways to withdraw your NFT earnings - either on NiftyKit Dashboard or via Etherscan. The withdrawal process is standard for new and existing users, as shown below:

1) Withdraw funds from your Revenue Split

On your dashboard, navigate to the Revenue Split tab and connect the Metamask wallet of one of the beneficiaries and you will be able to withdraw the shares that are in the contract.

Please note: If you cannot access the funds, you will need to navigate to the Etherscan page of your specific Revenue Split contract. Once on Etherscan, follow the steps below to withdraw your earnings.

2) Using Etherscan to withdraw funds

Navigate to the smart contract section in Etherscan, connect the wallet, and then request to release the recipient share of funds from the Revenue Split smart contract.

  1. Navigate to the [Contract] tab

  2. Click [Write Contract]

  3. Click [Connect to Web3]

  4. Connect any wallet (this wallet will pay for the gas transaction)

  5. Add the payout wallet address to account (address) field under 2. release

  6. Click [Write] and submit for withdrawal. Note: you may need to pay gas for your transaction.

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