Platform Overview

Learn how to navigate and create your NFT Collection.


After signing up, you will be taken to the Dashboard. This is where you will see all of your projects in an overview. You can access the [Create] button to create a new NFT collection or a revenue split.

Every collection created will have a draft state; feel free to create as many drafts as you need.


A Collection is a reference to the Smart Contract that stores your NFTs. There are different collections you can choose from, but under the hood, they all leverage Diamond Smart Contracts, which gives you the freedom to upgrade/modify your Smart Contract after it's been minted.

Creating NFTs

After creating your collection, NFTs can easily be created using NiftyKit's Smart Contract and managed internally. Each NFT is dynamically backed by our Metadata API, giving you complete control over its assets.

Selling your NFTs

Our tools make it easy to sell your NFTs. Set a price and use our Diamond Widgets for paid mints on your website.

We also provide additional collaboration tools for our creators, such as our Revenue Split feature, and adding members to manage your collection.

Read more here about our exclusive artists' program. Ready to join? Sign up here, and let's collaborate.

Building Experiences around NFTs

NFTs serve as decentralized proof of membership, allowing easy identification of holders. Building a membership platform around NFTs is simpler than a Web 2-based membership platform.

As a creator, you can offer valuable experiences to your members with our diverse range of features:

  • Token Access - create an NFT-gated experience within the NiftyKit Platform

  • Apps - personalize your project by adding apps

  • NiftyKit Diamond Widgets - create personalized, token-gated features for your website

  • Redeem Links - easily push rewards to your creators

Team Collaboration

The roles included in our Smart Contracts are organized in a hierarchy as follows:

  • Owner - creator of the Smart Contract, can be transferable

  • Admin - same privilege as owner, but cannot assign other admins or owner

  • Manager - management privilege that doesn't require financials (setting treasury)

Team members can be invited directly to the collection, but the amount of team members varies depending on the type of Creator Pass you are holding.

NiftyKit Pro also comes bundled with enterprise-grade team collaboration, with the ability to create teams, invite unlimited team members, and host team wallets.

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