Presale Management

Learn how to create a Pre-sale Access List for your NFT drop collection.

Create an Access List (aka Presale List, Whitelist, or Mint List)

Set up an access list for your drop by navigating to the [Presale List] tab within Drop Dashboard. From here, you can add any wallet or smart contract address.

Uploading your Waitlist

On your pre-sale tab, go to the [Setup] button to upload your pre-sale list or waitlist CSV or add your collector's wallet address individually.

You can download the template here:

  • Quantity refers to the mint limit per wallet for the pre-sale phase

Setting Mint Limit for Pre-sale

You can limit the number of mints allowable per wallet on your pre-sale. Set the maximum mint on your CSV, and set the [quantity] to the number of mints you want to allow per wallet.

However, your [quantity] should not exceed the [Max NFTs per Wallet] on your pre-sale setup.

Your contract will follow [Max NFTs per Wallet] whenever [quantity] is higher.

Hit [Publish list] to submit the list to your contract. Not publishing it will only save it on the NiftyKit UI and collectors on the list won't be able to mint on your pre-sale

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