Collaborations & Shared Collections

Learn how to share your NFT projects with teammates, friends, or contributors

NiftyKit Team Collaboration makes it easy to add and remove members from your project. Each NFT project can have multiple viewers (eg. clients) and admins to help manage your NFTs.

You, as the owner of the smart contract, can add and remove admins to your collection.

Admins have access to all transactions except the transfer of ownership


  • Deployed Collection

  • Wallet addresses of your teammates

  • All admins should be also added as a viewer for it to be visible on their NiftyKit Account

How It Works

  1. Inside your Collection, you will see a “Members” tab.

  2. Click Add Admin to add an admin by wallet address

  3. Click Invite to open Invite Dialog Box and invite a Viewer

  4. You will see 2 options to invite a viewed user

    1. Email

    2. Invite Link

  5. Add the user’s Email to send them an invite.

  6. Or copy and send the invite link directly to invite users

If the invitee does not have an account, they will be prompted to create an account before accessing your project.

For the Invite Links, the link doesn’t expire until you regenerate one, which can be done in the same dialog.

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