API key & Export JSON

Use the API Access Key to batch upload your metadata with 10mb+ file size
There are 2 ways to use API to batch upload your assets:
  • Prepare your JSON file, copy and paste the data to the API Access Key window, and hit RUN REQUEST to upload.
  • POST your metadata directly using the REST API and your API key. Learn more here.
Note that every time you use this method to upload assets, it will only add the new ones and will not override the previously uploaded assets.

Preparing your Metadata for Export JSON or API Key

DropKit API Template here:
To use JSON or API Key strictly follow this format
Download the Template file here:
DropKit - Upload Example Sheets _ NiftyKit - data
Downloadable JSON API Template
To Export JSON in Google Sheet. Add an extension to your browser this will add an Export JSON tab on your sheet
Export JSON and paste it to the API Key window on DropKit
If you are having trouble downloading the Export JSON. Go to this google sheet and [Make a Copy]. Duplicating this sheet will carry over the Export JSON script.