Merging Multiple JSON Files (Advanced)

Learn how to prepare your JSON so you can batch upload easily using DropKit batch upload tool
This method requires some knowledge of coding to prepare your JSON file. This easy-to-follow guide will help you merge and create your final JSON to upload into your drop on NiftyKit.
A pre-requisite to uploading your assets in bulk on NiftyKit is to have your single JSON file ready to go. Follow the steps suggested on this page to streamline the process of uploading batch NFT's. This may look like a bit of coding, but it is a simple five minute process.
To bulk upload using JSON on NiftyKit, it is recommended that you:
Here's a step by step guide to have a batch upload ready JSON for DropKit:

Step 1: Merge multiple JSON files into one

Our DropKit batch upload tool accepts a single JSON file of your assets and metadata. If you have multiple JSON files or have JSON per NFT follow this simple guide to merge them into one.
You must have phyton installed to follow this guide
  1. 2.
    Download the script and save it at the same level as your metadata JSON folder:
3. Open up a terminal at the same folder level and run the following command:
4. After this you can find your merged JSON file....
Now that your JSON is merged into one single file, it is now easier to add asset IPFS links to your JSON.
By this time, you must have:
  • Assets already uploaded to IPFS. You can refer to uploading-to-pinata to complete this step.
  • Downloaded and installed Code Editor. Please note that you can install any code editor you need - for this guide, we have used Visual Editor.
Follow these steps to update the "image" field with the image IPFS link. This is a simple step-by-step guide - you do not require to know to code for this, these are 2-minute read and follow instructions.
  1. 1.
    Open your JSON file using your code editor and then press Control + F or Go to Edit tab > Replace
A "Find and Replace" pop-up will appear as shown in the image below. Once you see the find box open, click on * or Regular Expression (“regex”)
Find with regex using Visual Code Editor
2. In the Find field, type
(\d+.[file format])
For example,
if your file is PNG then type (\d+.png)
if jpg (\d+.jpg)
if mp4 (\d+.jpg)
Check for other file types you can upload with DropKit here File Asset, Size, and Requirements
3. Finally, In the replace field:
For example: Click here to find the IPFS link for Pinata.
Your folder link if you are using Pinata would be
Adding asset IPFS links to your JSON using Visual Code generator
After this, press the Enter key and you should see that you have working links

Step 4: Saving Your JSON File

Press Ctrl + S to save your JSON file. Your merged JSON file is now ready to upload to DropKit.
You can use any code generator you have. Make sure you are using “regular expressions” when you click "find" and replace
If you need more help, you can share your JSON with us so we can help you fix it