Creating Your First Revenue Split
Learn about the revenue split builder.

Step 1: Launch the Revenue Split Builder

From your creator dashboard, tap [New Revenue Split] to begin.
Creator Dashboard

Step 2: Customize Your Contract

In the revenue split builder, you'll be able to define the wallet addresses and split amounts for each recipient. When finished, your contract will be minted to the blockchain.
When minting, be sure you have a digital wallet and crypto in order to pay for transactions costs and gas fees.
Creator Dashboard with Revenue Split Contract

Step 3: Apply to New Collection

Once your revenue split contract model has been created, you can apply it to a new collection. From the creator dashboard, select [New Collection] to launch the collection builder. You'll have the option to select your newly created revenue split contract for either primary or secondary sales.
You can also create a new revenue split from the Collection Builder.
Collection Builder with Revenue Split Dropdown