Case Studies

Here's how some of our esteemed users leveraged the NiftyKit Drop Collection launchpad to create and mint their own NFT Projects!
Prominent in the fashion industry, Gucci enters the metaverse showcasing the works of 29 handpicked artists. Gucci extended its collection to a digital gallery, Vault Art Space, making it a one-of-a-kind bidding platform to mint and collect curated digital artworks.
Discontinuità dello spazio of The Next 100 years of Gucci Collection MInted with NiftyKit
The legendary Japanese Artist Takashi Murakami-san aims to connect the contemporary art world and NFT art or digital art community, and has successfully done so through Murakami.Flowers project.
Takashi Murakami is a well-known contemporary artist but doesn't limit his scope to traditional art. His exposure is vast having experiences in fine arts media, as well as commercials. He and his project Murakami. Flowers are an inspiration to contemporary artists who believe in innovation.
Rally is a free app that allows members to invest in individual blue-chip collectibles with ease. Their mission is to democratize alternative investments, providing access, liquidity, and transparency to markets that have traditionally only been available to a select few.
Each asset on Rally is vetted by a team of industry experts, acquired, insured, and professionally maintained & monitored 24/7.
The Future is History is an 8-bit Token PFPs that are hand-drawn by Keenan Wells aka Pixel Hall of Fame. Rally used NiftyKit Smart Contracts to launch multiple pre-sale phases for their collectors. They also set it up to be linked in with a premium physical card of each respective NFT which you can redeem after the reveal.
They also built their own marketplace on their own website using Rarible Protocol. You can explore a purchase on secondary of their collection here.
The Future is History Explore page

Award-winning NFT project Not Your Bro ran a follow-up project to express the Dark Side of their vibrant, colorful creations. Not Your Demons is a project that allows the holders of their first drop, Not Your Bro, to mint their dark side counterparts. All Not your Bro holders were entitled to free mint in the pre-sale phase. Not Your Demons eventually opened to public minting and increased its mint price.
Another striking move is that the Not Your Bro team used an evolving pre-reveal placeholder. In the countdown to their public sale and reveal date, they uploaded a different placeholder daily for three days, making the pre-reveal images "evolve" per day on OpenSea.
JeffJag is a multi-drop creator with NiftyKit. Following his widely successful drops like FiatHedz and SHWDOBXO. He chose to have a pre-sale list for his latest drop "RentHedz" exclusively for his collectors from previous drops and to DropKit holders.
Jeff has also used a revenue split model in this project (via our Giving Block integration) to donate to under-resourced women, transgender folks, and children. His website

Kitaro World Collection

Limits: Pre-sale: 3 per transaction per wallet (3 hours)
Public: 5 per transaction per wallet
After selling out Kitaro World Official Collection, the Forest Fam made it to Trending Collections in OpenSea and also was a featured Collection on OpenSea's home page.
They followed it up with another amazing collection called Portal which was sent to all Kitaro Holders. Portal NFTs eventually "evolved" to Kitaro Scenes on the same collection leveraging the minted NFTs using NiftyKit API.
Kitaro World Portal Announcement Tweet

and revealed/evolved to Kitaro Scenes

Abducting Collective's approach focused more on community building. The project combined our tools to have a dynamic roadmap leading to his project being sold out. He was one of the first creators to use our revenue split in a unique way.
For his first drop, abducting collective v1, the first 420 minters gained a share of the revenue split - giving them lifetime royalties from the collection.
You can follow more of his story and Abducting Collective Community here.
Jimena is a 1-of-1 artist using DropKit. She is a veteran Coinbase NFT artist who uses our tools to create unique experiences on her roadmap to empower under-represented artists and her work toward creating mental health awareness. On her Portals drop. Jimena had multiple pre-sales tiers in which she had price increases from one phase to the next.