No-code NFT Smart Contract Platform

Our Mission

At NiftyKit, we empower creators, artists, brands, and businesses to unlock new economic opportunities and build community through NFTs. NiftyKit is a first-of-its-kind no-code NFT launchpad that allows people to easily create, manage, and sell NFTs on their own custom smart contracts. We provide true ownership of smart contracts and NFTs through easy-to-use, accessible, and affordable tools.

How Does NiftyKit work?

NiftyKit is free to try with options to upgrade. We have developed a set of NFT smart contracts that you can deploy to the blockchain using your crypto wallet. When you create a smart contract on NiftyKit, you are the complete owner of your work. Our tools help you create, manage, and launch your NFTs through our simple user interface.
Using NiftyKit simplifies the process of minting and selling your NFTs, whether you want to sell on your own website or sell on a marketplace like Opensea or LooksRare. We have developed unique features that will help you launch high-quality projects using tools you can rely on.

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