No-code NFT Smart Contract Platform

What is NiftyKit?

At NiftyKit, we empower creators, artists, brands, and businesses to unlock new economic opportunities and build community through NFTs. NiftyKit is a first-of-its-kind no-code NFT launchpad that allows people to easily create, manage, and sell NFTs on their custom smart contracts. We provide true ownership of smart contracts and NFTs through easy-to-use, accessible, and affordable tools.

How Does NiftyKit Work?

We have developed a set of NFT smart contracts you can deploy to the blockchain using your crypto wallet. When you create a smart contract on NiftyKit, you are the complete owner of your work. Our tools help you create, manage, and launch your NFTs through our simple user interface.
Using NiftyKit simplifies the minting and selling of your NFTs, whether you want to sell on your website or a marketplace like Rarible, Opensea or LooksRare. We have developed unique features that will help you launch high-quality projects using tools you can rely on.

NiftyKit Basic

NiftyKit Basic is completely free to use for creators' looking to launch an NFT project. NiftyKit basic requires some knowledge of Web3, needs a crypto wallet, and some gas money to get started.

NiftyKit Pro

NiftyKit Pro is a gas-free experience for brands that can launch NFT-related projects without dealing with the complexities of Web3. NiftyKit Pro handles everything from digital collectible asset creation to customer onboarding. Both brands or customers do not need a crypto wallet.

Why Choose NiftyKit?

Experience. Knowledge. Dedication.
We are the first platform allowing creators to make NFT smart contracts without coding. We have assisted thousands of Web3 creators in their NFT journey and have been thoroughly tested during bull and bear markets.
We have collaborated with major brands such as Gucci, Takashi Murakami, NBCUniversal, Rally, and Macy's, and our focus has been on perfecting the minting of NFTs for our customers.
We are passionate about ensuring your satisfaction, and our team is here to assist you every step of the way. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Key Features of the Platform