New to Web3?
A few tips to get up and running in the decentralized ecosystem.
Whether you're brand new to Ethereum or NFT's, you'll need a few different tools to get started. Here are the essentials:

1. Digital Wallet

This is essentially your access passport to web3. A digital wallet is used for holding, managing, transferring, and receiving ETH, ERC-20 and NFT tokens. You can choose from many different services, as NiftyKit supports both software and hardware wallets.

2. Cryptocurrency (ETH or MATIC for Polygon)

Whether you're creating a collection, NFT, redeemable or launching a generative drop, you'll need crypto to pay for the minting transaction and gas fees. If you're going to be using Ethereum Mainnet, you'll need to purchase and hold ETH. For Polygon, you'll need to have MATIC.

3. NiftyKit Account and Membership

Once you have both, a digital wallet and some crypto, you're ready to create your first smart contract and NFT using NiftyKit. Head over to and sign up for an account – it's completely free to use our tools to create unlimited drafts. When you're ready to mint, you'll need to purchase a membership – but don't worry, you get access to all our tools at an affordable price.
DropKit and DropKit.js are in closed beta and are subject to Stripe Identity Verification or opt to join the waitlist. Read more DropKit Access
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