Overview of the products and services offered at NiftyKit.

1) NFT Drop Collection

NFT Drop Collections include the ability to:
  • Fully customize your drop contract
  • Invite your team members to view or manage your collection
  • Build a waitlist to collect wallet addresses
  • Launch a presale and public sale
  • Batch airdrop to your community
  • Configure your reveal
  • Personalize and brand your custom mint page
  • Embed a mint button on your own website
  • And much more

2) NFT Collection

NFT collections make it easy to create your first smart contract and NFT in seconds. Best for creators doing smaller focused sales (e.g. 1 of 1) or those looking to leverage redeemable NFTs.

3) Revenue Split

Revenue split lets you split earnings from your NFT sales between multiple recipients. These recipients can be friends, team members, contributors, or collaborators to receive a portion of revenue from existing and future NFT projects. We also offer the ability to add charities and non-profits to your split (via The Giving Block).

4) Token Access

Token access lets you create an exclusive, gated experience for your NFT holders. This experience can be embedded content (eg. images, videos, music, messages) or can redirect to another URL (eg. calendly, merch).

5) NiftyKit Enterprise

The enterprise plan provides everything your business needs to launch large-scale NFT projects in-house immediately. We can help you build your web3 strategy today. Get started