Overview of the products and services offered at NiftyKit.

1) DropKit

DropKit is our flagship tool to help creators with their generative drops and 10K projects. We feature a simple interface that helps you create contracts, upload your assets and launch when ready.
The best part? Each DropKit NFT is lazy minted, so gas fees are passed on to the collectors. DropKit is best for creators and teams doing larger (eg. 100-10,000) drops. Learn more

2) DropKit.js (Embeddable Mint Button)

DropKit.js is a custom widget package to help creators launch their NFT's on their primary websites using an embeddable mint button. Compatible with most major website builders and platforms (ie. Squarespace, Webflow, WordPress). Learn more

3) NFT Collection (1 of 1, Redeemables)

NFT Collections -The NiftyKit NFT Collection service makes it easy to create your first smart contract and NFT in seconds! If you're new to the NFT space as a creator or plan on doing smaller, focused sales (eg. 1 of 1's) - this is the tool you're looking for.
  • 1 of 1's - 1 of 1's are one of a kind, unique works of art, music, visuals etc. that a creator chooses to produce from time to time. These could be one-off artwork illustrations, videos or singles (in case of music NFT's and so on).
  • Redeemables - Redeemables are similar to POAPs, and perfect for tickets, giveaways, memberships, and promotions. You specify the total quantity, generate a special redeem link, then send your collectors this link so they can mint and purchase. Supports both Mainnet and Polygon minting. Learn more

4) Revenue Split

NiftyKit makes revenue split easy. Our revenue split option gives creators the ability to add additional recipients to their NFT sales.
These recipients can be contributors, collaborators or donation-based to receive a portion of revenue from existing and future projects. Learn more

5) Token Gate

Access our Token Gating feature with your membership. Token gates allow you to further develop your promotional activity by having users create customisable content (embedded links, redirects to URL's, and more).
DropKit and DropKit.js are in closed beta and are subject to a waitlist. Access to all services require a NiftyKit membership.