Activating Your DropKit Pass

Learn how to Activate/Deactivate your DropKit Pass on NiftyKit

Activate Your DropKit Pass

As a DropKit pass holder, you must activate your pass in order to access the platform and mint. Activating the pass incurs gas fees and will make the NFT 'soul-bound'. This means that you won't be able to trade (or sell) the pass on secondary marketplaces while your pass activated.
You can easily activate (and deactivate) your pass at any time by managing your DropKit Pass inside your user account:
To activate/deactivate:
  • Log in to your NiftyKit account and navigate to your Account Settings. You can do this by clicking on your user profile on the screen.
  • Select the [ACTIVATE PASS] button and select your pass.
  • Connect your wallet that holds the DropKit Pass.
  • Sign the wallet transaction on Metamask. This transaction will cost minimal gas.
You can then also deactivate the pass by clicking "Manage DropKit Pass" on your Account Settings.
Deactivating your pass will also cost gas, and will remove the Pass from being soul-bound.
NiftyKit Account Settings
NiftyKit Manage DropKit Pass
You may activate the pass for a specific wallet per pass. Using that particular wallet (or switching to that wallet) will grant you full access to our platform once activated.