Inviting Team Members

Learn how to collaborate with other members on our platform

Different Roles & Permission

  • Pass Owner
  • Pass Member

Adding Pass Members

Advance and Pro Pass owners can add members to their creator pass. Refer here to check the maximum seats per pass.
To add, log in to your NiftyKit account . On your [My Pass] section, click [Add member].

Removing A Pass Member

Active members can be removed from the team on the [My Pass] dashboard. Simply check the wallet address you want to remove and click [Remove Member]
Remove member from your pass
A Collection Admin has full access to the drop. To be able to see and manage the drop, the Collection Admin needs to be invited as a Collection Member or log in using the same account as the Collection Owner's wallet address.
To navigate, go to your collection and click the [Members] tab and add the wallet address you want to assign as an admin.