Why Choose NiftyKit?


NiftyKit has launched over 2,000 projects and has minted more than 1% of entire NFTs on Ethereum Mainnet. Our team has decades of tech experience (Meta, Netflix, and Tesla) and has worked on NFT Smart Contracts for almost two years. We were the first platform to offer custom NFT Smart Contracts to creators and have stayed true to our mission of helping creators since day 1.


NiftyKit takes security as the highest priority. Our vast experience working in tech has ensured our technology is as secure as possible. Our smart contracts have generated over $20M+ in creator earnings with zero security incidents.
NiftyKit has partnered with ChainSafe, a leading Blockchain R&D firm, and recently received an audit. There are more details in the section on security.


We welcome you to our community with open arms when you decide to work with us. We work with creators of all sizes and have been advocates for creators since day 1. We love hearing new ideas on innovating around NFTs, and we hold weekly AMAs where you can speak to us directly.
We're also very active in Twitter Spaces, speaking with creators who have previously worked with us and are currently part of our community. If you are interested in joining us for the next space, please follow us on Twitter!