Creating Your First NFT

Learn about the NFT builder on NiftyKit and minting your NFT's using this tool.

Step 1: Navigate to Your Collection

Collections (aka smart contracts) are simply containers for your NFT's. From your creator dashboard, tap on any collection to get started.
Creator Dashboard with Collections

Step 2: Launch the NFT Builder

Once inside the collection, you can launch the NFT builder by tapping [Create NFT]. Please note that you'll need to create your smart contract before you're able to add NFT's.
Collection View

Step 3: Customize Your NFT

The NFT builder let's you define variables within your token and save it as a draft prior to minting to the blockchain.
NFT Builder

Step 4: Mint Your NFT

Once your NFT is ready to go, you can proceed to minting.
When minting, be sure you have a digital wallet and crypto in order to pay for transactions costs and gas fees.
NFT Builder – Minting In Progress