Marketplace Sales Controls

Learn how to control your Marketplace controls on Secondary sales.
Marketplace Controls is the ability to "lock" your NFTs so that they cannot be transferred or traded in any way available for all tiers of DropKit Pass.
Inside your Drop Collection, you will find “Marketplace Controls” in the 3-dot dropdown menu. Then click [Marketplace Controls].
You are able to toggle on and off to approve or block each marketplace.
Marketplace Controls using NiftyKit Operator Registry.
List all Marketplaces you can block for listing and trading on secondary sales.
  • OpenSea
  • Rarible
  • LooksRare
  • X2Y2
Creators can turn this on and off this feature to give you options on how you would like to sell your NFTs.

How it works

Each time you block a marketplace, you will make a small smart contract call to update the settings for your entire collection.
This feature will allow creators to restrict certain operators from interacting with the NFT.
This will require knowing the operator’s smart contract address, but operators tend to create a proxy address for all permissions for usability purposes.
This may not be the solution to preventing all future transactions by those operators (they can change their smart contract address), but it allows creators to control who is not allowed to interact with their NFTs.
This does not solve the royalty problems presented in the abstract but provides more levers for creators to voice their opinions.