OpenSea Operator Filter Registry

Opt-in to use OpenSea’s royalty registry for all newly created NFT collections in NiftyKit
OpenSea enforces the use of onchain creator fees for all collections created from Nov 08, 2022 and onwards. To address this change, creators can now opt-in to use OpenSea’s royalty registry on their own Smart Contract created in NiftyKit.
By using their registry, your royalties will be respected on OpenSea.
Please keep in mind – the OpenSea royalty registry is controlled entirely by OpenSea and is subject to change based on their discretion. NiftyKit has no control over what might change with this registry.
Existing Collections launched after 11/08/22 may not be compatible with OpenSea’s royalties. If you’re having issues with this, please contact NiftyKit support.

Setup Creator/royalty fees on OpenSea

Go to your [OpenSea Collection] and click the three dots to [edit collection]. Navigate to [creator fees] to add the wallet address and the percentage of the sale you want to receive.
When your NFT is sold in OpenSea platform, your contract will follow the royalty you have indicated below.
If the NFT is sold in another marketplace, the royalty you have set upon the creation of the contract will be applied.
Using OpenSea's Royalty Registry will also NOT allow you to access theMarketplace Sales Controls.
To read more about OpenSea's Registry, read more here.